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The Bivol Trust is run by a management committee of “Trustees” who have legal responsibility for the charity and its work. There are nine Trustees at present, some of whom have specific responsibility on the committee.

Committee Members:


Aidan Molloy – Vice Chair 

Aidan has recently retired as a social worker with adults and has had over 30 years experience in working with children and families, the disabled and the elderly.

Dan Davies - Director

Dan is the director of the Trust and an automatic committee member, though not a Trustee. With Kevin Parker, the former chair, he was a founding member of the Trust and organised the first project work in Romania in 1992. Dan worked in Social Services for 32 years, and then just concentrated on freelance work and developing the Bivol Trust.

Debbie Edwards – Chair

Debbie runs the Thursday Youth club jointly with Dan Davies, the director. She works at the Mary Rose School and has both professional and personal experience of caring for young people with disabilities. She is also a parent representative on the committee.  She also volunteers for the Portsea Youth Club. Debbie has a special interest in the work in Romania and has participated in all recent visits, in company with her son, Ashley.

Jamie Merrett, Treasurer. 

Jamie has recently joined us on the committee and has taken on the role of treasurer. He works in finance and administration for a local I.T. company and is very well placed to steer the trust finances into the future. He is also a highly respected musician and is the lead guitarist for the Beth Oliver band, 


George Creamer

George is the young people’s representative on the Committee and is consulted on all new developments with the project work. He is also a keen fund-raiser. He has a strong interest in the project work in Romania and made his first visit there in 2014.

Rob Turner

Rob has joined the committee recently but has volunteered for the trust in the past and is now a sessional worker/musician. He is the leading light behind the band, "Covered with Cheeez" and the Beth Oliver Band while also he has played in various bands for many years. He is now a member of staff in both the Music Group and Thursday Youth Group.


Alison King

Ali has a lifetime of experience looking after her children, two of whom have autistic spectrum conditions. She has also spent many years representing parents on a number of professional groups and research projects. She has been a volunteer with the trust for many years and brings invaluable knowledge and experience to the committee. 

Mike Paddon

Mike has recently joined us and brings with him a wealth of skills from the world of finance in the city of London. He is also a musician and is the drummer for both Covered in Cheeez and the Beth Oliver Band. Mike will be using his formidable skills to help Dan with the director's role, with a particular interest in strategy , policy writing and governance. 

Ashley Edwards

Ashley has recently joined us as a Young Person's representative on the committee. He has been a member of the Thursday Group and the Music Group for many years and is a loyal Pompey supporter.  He has also been one of the trust ambassadors in Romania.

Darren Stallard

Darren has also recently joined us on the committee as a young person's rep. His main interest has always been the music group, of which he is a founder member but has attended other trust groups for many years. 

 He is a keen electric piano player  and is a consistent contributor to all our music projects. 

Daryl Miller

Daryl has many years experience working with young people with learning disabilities and working freelance in the world of art and craft and cake decorating. She has been able to combine her skills in taking the lead in our art groups and has made a tremendous contribution to these. Daryl is also committed to helping with the development of the trust as a whole and was keen to join us as a trustee.



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