The Bivol Trust is run by a management committee of “Trustees” who have legal responsibility for the charity and its work. There are nine Trustees at present, some of whom have specific responsibility on the committee.

Committee Members:


Kevin Parker – Chair   

Kevin works for Portsmouth City Council Children’s home, Skye Close, and has had 20 years experience working with young people in the care system. Kevin has a particular interest in the project work in Romania.


Aidan Molloy – Vice Chair 

Aidan has recently retired as a social worker with adults and has had over 30 years experience in working with children and families, the disabled and the elderly.

Dan Davies - Director

Dan is the director of the Trust and an automatic committee member, though not a Trustee. With Kevin Parker, the chair, he was a founding member of the Trust and organized the first project work in Romania in 1992. Dan worked in Social Services for 32 years, and then just concentrated on freelance work and developing the Bivol Trust.

Debbie Edwards – Treasurer   

Debbie runs the Thursday Youth club jointly with Dan Davies, the director. She works at the Mary Rose School and has both professional and personal experience of caring for young people with disabilities. She is also a parent representative on the committee.  She also volunteers for the Portsea Youth Club. Debbie has a special interest in the work in Romania and has participated in all recent visits, in company with her son, Ashley.


Tanya Short – Secretary 

Tanya has recently joined the committee. She has huge experience if bringing up a family and of working with young adults with disabilities. She has a particular interest in work experience and fund-raising. Also a parent representative on the committee.


George Creamer

George is the young people’s representative on the Committee and is consulted on all new developments with the project work. He is also a keen fund-raiser. He has a strong interest in the project work in Romania and made his first visit there in 2014.


Crina Parker 

Crina used to work in an orphanage in Zalau and saw the work of the Trust right at the beginning. She has worked in the UK for many years and has considerable experience with the children with disabilities, children in the care system, dementia and work with pre-school children.


​Ronnie Williamson

Ronnie has worked in project management all his life, much of it abroad in developing countries. He also is a member of Portsmouth Victory Morris and is a keen member of Chichester Folk Song Club. He has been particularly valuable to the committee in helping us with issues of governance.

Jon Lamb

Jon helps with the music group and runs the African Drumming Group. He has been a professional musician for many years and has played in bands for most of his life. He has also worked in Health and Safety and in sales.

Rob Turner

Rob has joined the committee recently but has volunteered for the trust in the past and is now a sessional worker/musician. He is the leading light behind the band, "Covered with Cheez" and has played in various bands for many years. He is now a member of staff in both the Music Group and Thursday Youth Group. 

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